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Suspend Resident Disabled Veteran Lifetime Combination Hunting and Inland Fishing License, or entitlement to such license (A third or subsequent violation of G.S. 14‑159.6(a), trespass for purposes of hunting)

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    Characteristics of Consequence

    Action Taken:


    Restoration Procedure:

    None Specified

    Initial Decision Maker:

    None Specified


    Duration Start:

    None Specified
    Specific Duration Detail: 
    Two years
    Characteristics of Crime

    Criminal Class:


  • Notes
    1. Any criminal violation of Subchapter IV of General Statutes Chapter 113 subject to a greater penalty than provided for by G.S. 113-135(a)(1)—that is, any offense punishable as a Class 2 misdemeanor or higher—is considered a "suspension offense." While other violations of Subchapter IV of Chapter 113 may result in longer suspensions or revocations, the violations here referred to result in a two-year suspension and may be found in G.S. 113-294 and G.S. 113-291.1A