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Bar from law enforcement commission certified basic training courses (A combination of four or more "Class A" or "Class B" misdemeanors)

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    Characteristics of Consequence

    Action Taken:


    Restoration Procedure:

    None Specified

    Initial Decision Maker:

    None Specified


    Duration Start:

    None Specified
    Characteristics of Crime
    Criminal Class: 
    Any misdemeanor


  • Notes
    1. The Department of Justice classifies misdemeanor crimes as “class A” and “class B” misdemeanors for purposes of determining whether an individual is eligible for employment. Please refer to the Misdemeanor Manual, located at

    2. A person charged with a felony or a "Class B" misdemeanor who is found not guilty or whose charges are dismissed may be admitted into the commission certified basic training courses; however, completion of the courses will not ensure that the Commission will certify him as a justice officer.